The Perils Of Cohabitation

2nd May 2017

The office for national statistics, says that unmarried couples living together are the fastest growing family type in the UK, increasing by around 30% in 10 years. Unfortunately that is also an area of law which the Government has failed to directly address, as there are no cohabitational rights or laws in existence and many cohabiting couples who separate, find themselves with no easy access to their partner’s income, pension or assets, despite the fact they may have been living together for many years and have children together.

10 years ago, the Law Commission recommended a reform in the law for cohabitees. Again, successive Governments have failed to action that recommendation.

Many couples who cohabit fail to consider regulating their relationship or make provision for their children in the event of a relationship breakdown. Many people are not aware that they can enter into a Cohabitation Agreement either before they cohabit or during their cohabitation, which may not ease the pain or heartache of when their relationship breakdown but may make the parting easier and avoid dispute.

It is disappointing that much needed family law reform has been so slow to happen.

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