14th February 2018

With the rise of social media and the use of instant messaging and sharing, we are all now in an age where our lives are on display for all to see.  This is all well and good when you wish to keep in touch with friends and relatives and you are able share your cute photos and latest news, even sharing poignant or sad moments in your life can sometimes help, by getting some much needed support at difficult times.  However, there are times in our lives when perhaps we need to take a step back and think before we share.

If you are going through a divorce, separation or have children issues, the temptation to put your thoughts and grievances online may be too much to resist.  You may be hoping for support and good wishes but it could backfire on you.  ‘A problem shared is a problem halved’ as the saying goes, but in some instances it could be that your problem is doubled.

Many people are unaware or ignorant to the fact that what they put in the public domain can detrimental to their case.  Text messages, facebook posts etc can be used by Solicitors to support their case, either for their client or against the opposition, which could greatly affect how a Judge would view your case.  So next time you are tempted to have a rant online, take a deep breath and maybe go for a walk or do something else you enjoy, failing that, why not pop round for an old fashioned face to face chat with a trusted friend.

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