Prenuptial Proposal

29th December 2017

Thinking of proposing this New Year? Then perhaps you should be thinking about a pre-nup too.

Thousands of people across the globe will be proposing on New Year’s Eve 2017.  Perhaps it’s the whole big event, combined with a promise of new beginnings, positive thoughts and plans for the future together that spur people on to propose at this time of year.

So much thought is put into the buying of the perfect ring and proposing at just the right moment in just the right venue or location that all thoughts of ‘what if’ are put firmly to the back of the mind.  But what if things do go wrong in the future and who wants to be the one to bring the subject up and potentially kill the romance.  However, with many couples  bringing  assets into the marriage such as property, pension schemes or business interests, it makes sense to address these issues sooner rather than later.

A little thought beforehand can save a lot of heartache in the future, in fact it is the very elephant in the room that both parties may be reluctant to raise in case it undermines the bedrock of the marriage, but if addressed in the right way can actually bring couples closer together and can instil a feeling of security and stability, which enables the couple to concentrate on their shared goals for the future.

So whether you are thinking about getting down on bended knee or simply moving in with a partner, have a chat to our experienced family solicitors and look forward to a happy new future together.

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