Another 5 star client review for Michelle Cooper and team

20th July 2020

"Michelle as an individual is calm, collected, extremely well versed in her area of expertise but more importantly honest. When coupled with the extremely helpful team she has working for her, it makes the tough times easier and Jill Raine was always there to provide support which is invaluable.

From the initial consultation phase the proposal was clear and the potential viewpoint of the other side explained and how that would be countered. The whole process became extended through what I would class as poor advice given to the other party but throughout Michelle kept me calm and gave me the words and guidance needed to make the right decisions at the right time with the full briefing of the situation. Unfortunately the process ended up going through the courts, but Michelle appointed the right Barrister for the circumstances and case and eventually the decision was made by the judge that matched the proposal made by Michelle from the outset.

All I can say is that the common thought that the only winners are the solicitors is not true and if the other side had the common sense that Michelle had, then time and money would have been saved for the benefit of all. If needed I would recommend Michelle and Jill as primary points of contact to my colleagues and friends should they need it and I found the whole service provided as excellent." Mr C

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